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Our name is Balsts. The real estate company Balsts ("Balsts" means support). We know full well – our profession is not among the most trustworthy ones. This is precisely why we are here - to prove the opposite, to prove that not only can a real estate agent be a professional, but also a person to rely on. Beyond any doubt.

We understand full well – purchase of a real property is an important decision. To many people it is the most significant decision in their lives. It has nothing in common with popping into the nearest shop for some milk. It is more like a long journey through labyrinths of bureaucracy and stacks of papers, hunting for the best bargain, looking ahead with confidence and doubts, fears and excitement. And somewhere in the middle of all this come across us. We are explorers in this jungle of possibilities, looking for the golden path. We search for it, find it and lead our buyer along it.

Well, one should have the guts to call oneself a support (balsts) and to choose a whale as a symbol. One of the three the Earth rests on. And still. If we are capable of being the support point and can rouse your lives, then there is no point in being modest.

And finally. We will never forget that pleasant feeling, when a contract is signed and you say to us “thank you”. Simply and from the heart. At such moments we understand that we have not wasted our time and efforts. And this is a support for everything. Everything we do.

Why a whale?

Because a whale is a true support. It is a living being in comparison with a stand.

Why faceted?

Because we deal with premises, architecture, buildings. They are not fluffy toys at all. Because facets, each of them, speak by their colors and are as diverse as our company

Why wooden?

Because wood is a warm and easy-to-adapt material. Wood floats, the same as any whale does.


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